Kill Devil Track mountain biking

Alert/Important notice

Road closed to vehicles

16 February 2015: The road at the start of the Killdevil Track has been closed to vehicles due to fire danger. Visitors wishing to access the track will need to walk or bike an extra 500m to reach the start of the track.

Track category

Mountain bike - Advanced
Mountain bike - Expert


You can mountain bike on part of the Kill Devil Track in Kahurangi National Park. It is part of the Anatoki/Waingaro Circuit.

The Kill Devil is a "there-and-back" one day or overnight ride for advanced (Grade 4) and expert (Grade 5) riders. It is technically challenging, on rough, remote terrain, and you may need to walk or carry your bike at various points.

The ride

Camp Creek (off Uruwhenua Road, Upper Takaka) to Skeet Creek (13.3 km)

This part of the track is on a former stock route (unformed legal road outside the national park). It is mostly of benched construction with a rock base. Climbing up to the Lockett Range the track is mostly in good condition with minor areas of erosion.

Skeet Creek to Waingaro Forks Hut (5.4 km)

On the Lockett Range the track is characterised by rough rocky sections mixed with short lengths of smooth packed dirt. The track is generally well drained and follows a mixture of moderate to steep gradient along the ridge top. It is a technically challenging ride for an experienced mountain biker with a high level of fitness.

The track can be ridden in a day or you can overnight at either Riordans Hut or Waingaro Forks Hut. Riordans Hut and the branch track to it are on conservation land outside of the national park.

There are spectacular views from the ridge tops of the Lockett Range including west towards the Devil River Peak, Devil Range and down into the Waingaro River Valley. The track featues historic huts and shelters.

Getting there

The track starts and finishes in Upper Takaka, Golden Bay.


Mountain biking and cycling Mountain biking and cycling

Plan and prepare

Mountain bike rules

You can ride mountain bikes on part of the Kill Devil track (as identified above):

  • all year round
  • in a group, provided there is no more than 6 riders in the group
  • at any time of the day.

You are not permitted to take a mountain bike:

  • in or out of the national park by helicopter
  • into any huts or shelters
  • beyond the Waingaro Forks Hut
  • off the formed and designated route.

Signs and other markers clearly identify where mountain bikes can be ridden and where they are not allowed. At the Uruwhenua Road end there are several side roads and tracks coming off the legal road across private land. Please stay on the marked track and respect private land.

Park your motorised vehicle at the designated vehicle parking area off Uruwhenua Road (see the map for the exact location). There will be clear on-site signage indicating vehicle parking areas.

Remember that this mountain biking track is shared with walkers and trampers, and with other bikers who may be coming the other way.

It should be ridden in accordance with the mountain bikers code.



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Follow the Outdoor Safety Code:
1. Plan your trip
2. Tell someone
3. Be aware of the weather
4. Know your limits
5. Take sufficient supplies

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