Oruawairua Walk, Blumine Island/Oruawairua

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55 min


2.4 km


Walkers on Oruawairua Track.
Walkers on Oruawairua Track

Follow the Oruawairua Track from the Blumine Island campsite to the Western gun emplacement. This walk has a couple of short steep sections on it, otherwise it follows a gentle gradient around the hill with several lookout points along the way. The track has been upgraded and completed with the generous assistance of Blacks Fasteners.

Find out more about the gun emplacements and history of Blumine Island.

Experience stunning views over Queen Charlotte Sound and possibly spot some of the wildlife on the island. You could be lucky enough to see the endangered saddleback or orange fronted parakeet.

Download the Birds of Blumine free android phone app on Google play.

Check in at one of the weta 'motels' to see if they are resident along the way and take care that the plentiful weka don't steal your lunch.

Getting there

Oruawairua Track is on Blumine Island / Oruawairua which is 22 km from Picton in Queen Charlotte Sound. You can get there by your own boat, on a water taxi from Picton or by sea kayak.

Plan and prepare

Landing on Blumine Island by boat.
Landing on Blumine Island by boat

You will need to go to the island by your own boat, a water taxi from Picton or by sea kayak. There are no moorings or jetties so you need to be prepared to anchor your boat and to get wet feet on the beach landing.

Since you are visiting a pest free island it is vital that you take steps to ensure you do not jeopardise the island’s pest free status!

If you are taking your own boat be sure to check your vessel for rats, mice and ants. Look for signs of rodents such as droppings and gnawing. Keep fresh bait and/or set traps on your vessel and in the area it is stored. 

All gear must be free of rats, mice and ants - especially camping gear which has ideal places for pests to hide when stored. Take extra care to clean gear if you have Argentine ants where you live.

Please report any sighting of pests on pest free islands to the DOC HOTline - 0800 362 468

View of Long Island from the western gun emplacement on Blumine Island
View of Long Island from the western gun emplacement on Blumine Island / Oruawairua

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