Northland region

Whangaroa Harbour entrance.

Whangaroa Harbour entrance

Map showing Northland region.

Whangaroa is characterised by unique landforms and outstanding scenery. The harbour features spectacular rocky bluffs and prominent ridge systems of eroded volcanoes clad in some of the last diverse coastal conifer/broadleaf/kauri forest in New Zealand.

The area is home to several threatened plants, and you can find banded rail and fernbird in the mangroves and tidal rivers.

Typical of rich coastal areas, a wide variety of defended and undefended pa, archaic middens, terraces, gardening systems, urupa, wahi tapu and other archaeological features are present.


Whangaroa Harbour lies on the east coast, north of Kerikeri. You can access this unique area from the many small roads that branch off State Highway 10.

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