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30 October

Stepping up our science

30 October 2014
Geoff Hicks, DOC's Chief Scientist talks about the National Science Challenges. He explains how the New Zealand biological heritage challenge in particular, can help DOC's science.

30 October

First West Coast timber salvage approved

The Department of Conservation has issued its first authority to salvage wind-blown timber on West Coast public conservation land with the returns to be invested back into conservation.

30 October

Rotorua's Conservation Week like no other

Plans are being put in place for Rotorua residents to receive a Conservation Week experience very different to previous years according to Partnerships Ranger Caraline Abbott.

30 October

Humpback whale washed up on Waikanae Beach

A 10 metre whale has washed up on Waikanae Beach, south of Waikanae Boat Club.

29 October

‘Ghost’ whio returns to Whakapapanui Stream

A ‘ghost’ whio that hatched on the Whakapapanui Stream in Tongariro National Park two seasons ago appears to have returned to the stream near Whakapapa Village with a mate this time.

24 October

Fears for New Zealand fairy terns

The Department of Conservation holds fears for the safety of New Zealand’s most endangered indigenous breeding bird, the New Zealand fairy tern (tara-iti). Locals and visitors are asked to be mindful of laws protecting these birds.

24 October

Maruia Battle for our Birds pest control completed

The Department of Conservation has this week completed its Battle for our Birds pest control in the Maruia valley and adjoining areas to protect native wildlife from rat and stoat plagues.

24 October

Kia ora from Kāpiti Island

24 October 2014
Our Kāpiti Island rangers check in with an update on how one of New Zealand’s rarest birds are doing out on the island.

24 October

New SMART course benefits marine mammals

A new Department of Conservation course aims at minimising impacts of vessel activity on whales, dolphins and seals.

23 October

Whio eggs in the Southern Alps

23 October 2014
27 whio/blue duck eggs have been collected from the the Central Southern Alps Whio Security Site.

23 October

Taupō conservation kids meet kiwi

Seeing a kiwi was a reward for a class of Hilltop School Weedbusters in Taupō during Save Kiwi Month.

23 October

Statement of Intent 2014–2018

The Statement of Intent sets out the longer term directions for the Department of Conservation, as well as the management actions that will be undertaken in 2014.

23 October

Trident High School students join the Halo challenge

23 October 2014
Year 11 technology students from Trident High School have been busy putting together DOC 200 stoat traps for the Whakatane Kiwi Trust.

23 October

Annual Report for year ended 30 June 2014

View the annual report for the year ended 30 June 2014. Pursuant to section 44 of the Public Finance Act 1989, this is a report on the operations of the Department of Conservation.

22 October

Clinton valley pest control operation complete

The Department of Conservation’s Battle for our Birds aerial 1080 pest control operation in the Clinton valley in Fiordland National Park was successfully completed yesterday.

22 October

New Zealand sea lion - ground survey 2013

This report describes the results of continued ground survey population monitoring of New Zealand sea lions at the Auckland Islands, undertaken in early 2014.

21 October

Find a Whio competition

Join Genesis Energy and DOC this November for a virtual treasure hunt to find a whio. You would win an amazing whio adventure.

21 October

DOC takes steps to make visitors more aware of winter hazards on southern Great Walks

The Department of Conservation says it is making changes on its website and on the tracks to make people more aware of the significant hazards visitors face in winter on the three southern Great Walks.

20 October

Fonterra-DOC Hikurangi catchment community open day

Fonterra and DOC have held a community open day to mark a successful start to their 10-year Living Water programme.

17 October

Feeding time at the kiwi crèche

17 October 2014
The Motuora Restoration Society caught some lovely kiwi chicks on camera having their first feed after being released on Motuora island.


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