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New science and technical publications June 2014

This page lists the latest national DOC science and technical publications from each series.

Updated: 23 June 2014.

Science for Conservation Series

Latest publication June 2014 

326. Ecosystem goods and services in marine protected areas (MPAs). By Marjan van den Belt and Anthony Cole 2014. Science for Conservation 326. 96 p. (PDF, 2090K)

DOC Research & Development Series

Latest publication January 2014 

341. How well does LCDB2 map wetlands in the Wellington region?
M. Davis, D. Brown, H. Robertson and L. Chadderton 2014. DOC Research and Development Series 341. 21p (PDF, 2490K)

New Zealand Threat Classification Series

Latest publication June 2014 

8. Conservation status of New Zealand freshwater invertebrates, 2013
Natasha Grainger, Kevin Collier, Rod Hitchmough, Jon Harding, Brian Smith and Darin Sutherland
New Zealand Threat Classification Series 8. 28 p. (PDF, 748K) Supplemental data (XLSX, 125K)

DOC Technical Series

Latest publication November 2013 

37. Monitoring penguins in the Antipodes Island Group: methods and baseline data.
J. Hiscock 2013. DOC Technical Series 37. 29 p. (PDF, 3279K)

High-resolution version (PDF, 9555K)

Threatened Species Recovery Plans

Latest publication March 2014 

63. Native frog (Leiopelma spp.) recovery plan, 2013-2018. P.J. Bishop, L.A. Daglish, A.J.M. Haigh, L.J. Marshall, M.D. Tocher, K.L. McKenzie 2014. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 63. 39 p. (PDF, 873K

DOC Marine Conservation Services Series

Latest publication March 2013 

10. Level 1 risk assessment for incidental seabird mortality associated with fisheries in New Zealand's Exclusive Economic Zone. By S. Rowe 2013. DOC Marine Conservation Series. 62 p. (PDF, 2474K)


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