Subantarctic islands research strategy - Applying to do research in the Subantarctic islands

Applying to do research in the Subantarctic islands

All researchers must refer to this strategy when applying to Southland Conservancy for access to the islands and permission to conduct research.  

Applications should be justified in terms of the criteria listed in section 3.2.1 and the priorities for research in section 3.1.

Application for approval, in principle, of research on the Subantarctic islands should be made before funding applications are submitted to funding agencies. Funding agencies, e.g., NSF, NERC, FRST, MoRST, Marsden Committee and University Grants Committees, are encouraged to use this strategy when considering applications for funding.

Two other key documents for researchers to read and comply with are the operational guidelines and quarantine requirements, available from Southern Islands Area Office of Southland Conservancy.

This strategy will be reviewed and updated in the light of new information five years from publication date. It will be aligned with review of major documents such as the Conservation Management Strategy for the Subantarctic islands.


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