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The walks range in length from 20 minutes to 4 hours.


Goldsborough (Shamrock) Track

Time: 4 hours one way.
This track can be walked from either end, but is easier going downhill from the old Callaghans township, finishing at Goldsborough. This walk will suit those with a medium to good level of fitness. 

From Callaghans, the track follows several steep ridgelines and water races, dropping down to the Shamrock Creek valley where the grade becomes easier for the final 1.5km. The track passes many historic features including mining tunnels, dams, sluice faces, tailings, and water races.

Callaghans Road turnoff is 5.5km towards Dillmanstown from the Goldsborough camping area. Transport for the return trip should be arranged before departing.

German Gully Pack Track

Time: 30 minutes, one way.
Starting at the Goldsborough camping area the track climbs out of the valley and emerges on the Scandinavian Hill Road.  The walk passes several old gold working and is often included as part of a loop walk of 90 minutes which includes Goff's Track and part of the Goldborough Track, returning to the camping area.

Goff's Track

Time: 45 minutes one way.
Starting at the camping area, Goff's Track turns off the Goldsborough Track about 15 minutes from the start, and joins the Scandinvaian Hill Road after a 30 minute climb (can be rough and slippery in wet weather). Link up with German Gully Track to form a 90 minute loop walk.

Tunnel Terrace Walk

Time: 20 minutes loop.
This walk starts on the road between Stafford and Goldsborough. Entry and exit points are via miners tail race tunnels and the track meanders through old gold workings.

Getting there

To access the Goldsborough area, turn off SH6, 10km north of Hokitika onto Stafford Loop Road. Keep an eye out for the camping and picnic area about 6km along the road. Can also be reached from the turnoff at Dillmanstown on SH73. 


Historic sites Historic sites
Specialist activities Specialist activities

Historic sites

Goldsborough, as its name suggests, was a town settled in the quest for gold. At the start of 1865, the rush for gold began, and a population of 550 was recorded. You can still see reminders of this activity here, and walkers are advised to stay strictly to tracks, as there are mine shafts scattered throughout the bush.

Specialist activities: Gold fossicking

There is a gold fossicking area adjacent to the camp grounds - bring a pan and try your luck.

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