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3 hr 45 min to junction one way from car park


A creek in Tangihua Forest. Photo: Christian MacDonald.
A creek in Tangihua Forest

From the Tangihua Lions Lodge you walk past the orientation course and clearings to enter a bush track. The track crosses a stream via a small bridge and meets the Tumanako Track. Signage directs you to follow the stream for approximately 20 minutes before crossing it and heading up towards a kauri grove, traversing up through mixed podocarp/broadleaf forest.

Within 20 minutes you will reach the large kauri trees at Kauri Grove. From here the Te Haua Uru Track continues to climb steeply up to the junction of the Tangihua Main Ridge Track which leads to the Horokaka Transmitter (an additional 2 - 3 hours tramp) and the Northern Tangihua Track which leads to the Tangihua Hut (an additional 2 - 3 hours tramp). Both tracks are strenuous and require tramping experience due to the roughness of the routes.

Day walkers can easily walk as far as Kauri Grove accessed from the Te Haua Uru Track.

Experienced trampers wanting a challenging day can follow the Te Haua Uru Track-Tangihua Main Ridge Track- Horokaka Track loop, a full 9 hour tramp which includes strenuous climbing in places. Alternatively they can continue on to the Tangihua Hut via the Northern Tangihua Track.

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Getting there

The Te Haua Uru track is located in the Tangihua Forest which is found halfway between Whangarei on Northland’s east coast and Dargaville on the west coast. Your best access into Tangihua Forest is from Omana Road.

The Omana Road Tangihua access car park has parking for 15 cars. You will need to walk 30 minutes along a formed road to the bush line. From here, it is another 15 minutes until you reach Tangihua Lions Lodge, a good orientation point for tracks and walks in the forest.

Places to stay

Tangihua Lodge

The Lodge is managed by the Tangihua Lions Lodge Trust and is used for organised school and special interest groups.

Visit the Tangihua Lions Lodge website or contact Kathee@xtra.co.nz phone +64 9 432 2227 for any enquiries or bookings.

Plan and prepare


If considering the Tangihua Main Ridge Route loop option, this route should only be tackled by experienced trampers due to the razor back ridges and lack of hand holds. Trampers should have a  high degree of skill and experience, route-finding ability, be well-equipped and use topographical maps.

  • There is no water source in the forest. Trampers must carry water their own water.
  • Watch where you are going at all times. There are steep drops in places.
  • The ridge is exposed to rough weather. Make sure you are well equipped and have appropriate warm and waterproof tramping gear.
  • Strenuous climbing required in places.


  • Please do not climb over the fences placed around kauri trees. The fences are for protection as soil compression from walkers damages the kauri's delicate root systems.
  • Tracks and routes within Tangihua Forest pass by sites of cultural and spiritual significance to the Parawhau Ngapuhi people. For this reason we ask that trampers stay on the marked tracks.

Help stop kauri dieback

Kauri dieback disease is killing our native kauri. It spreads by soil movement, but you can help prevent it.

  • Stay on the track and off kauri roots.
  • Clean your gear before and after visiting kauri forests.

Visit the kauri dieback website for more information on how you can help.

Track location map

Map showing tracks in the Tangihua Forest.

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Check, Clean, Dry between waterways and stop the spread of didymo.

Kauri dieback disease is attacking kauri trees in Northland. Stop it spreading.


Follow the Outdoor Safety Code:
1. Plan your trip
2. Tell someone
3. Be aware of the weather
4. Know your limits
5. Take sufficient supplies

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