Nikau and Kotepato Track

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These two tracks are accessed through private land. Both tracks follow rivers giving a scenic experience through native bush. There are good swimming holes alongside the Nikau track and great fishing so take your time and enjoy. The gradient for the majority of these tracks is mostly easy but a good level of fitness is required for adults and children.

Redpath Road end to Kotepato Hut

Time: 2 - 3 hours one way

Follow the farm track to bush edge where you will cross the Waioeka River. From here the track follows the Te Pato upstream taking about 30 mins to reach the Kotepato Hut.

Redpath Road end to Nikau Hut

Time: 3 - 4 hours one way

Follow the farm track to the bush edge then a well benched track follows the Waioeka River on the true left finishing at the Nikau Hut on a grassy river flat.

Backcountry experience required.

Waioeka River from Nikau track. Photo: Moira Lee.
Waioeka River from Nikau track

Nikau Flat Hut to Kotepato Hut

Time: 2 - 3 hours

From Nikau Flat Hut, continue north along the Waioeka River. About 1.5 hr north of the hut there is a track to the east that takes you on a 1 km detour up Te Pato Stream to Kotepato Hut.

Kotepato Hut to Wairata Road end

Time: 1 - 2 hours

From Kotepato Hut return to the Waioeka River and head downstream. The track turns into a 4WD road and reaches Redpath Rd after 4 km.

Getting there

Travel halfway (42 km) through the Waioeka Gorge on SH 2 from Opotiki. Turn into Wairata Rd and travel for 2 km before turning right and crossing a bridge onto Redpath Rd. Continue down Redpath Rd until you reach the stockyards at the road end. Park in the designated area.

You will walk 1 - 2 hours across private farmland on a farm track before reaching the bush where signage will direct you to either tracks.


Fishing Fishing
Hunting Hunting
Swimming Swimming


There are excellent opportunities for trout fishing along the Waioeka River.


There are also excellent opportunites for hunting.


Take time to enjoy a swim in the Waioeka River - there are some good swimming holes alongside the track.


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