Tips for driving on unsealed roads

    Molesworth Road. Photo: Diana Parr.
    Molesworth road

Driving on unsealed roads can be hazardous. Follow these tips to ensure you have a safe trip.

  • If you are not used to driving on unsealed roads, remember they can be very narrow.
  • Reduce your speed to below 40-50 km/h to help you to maintain control of your vehicle and slow down even further when approaching oncoming traffic as the dust will obscure your vision.
  • Vehicles ahead or oncoming traffic can throw gravel out into the air, which frequently damages windscreens and paint works.
  • Another danger is that you can't stop the vehicle in time because the gravel acts as rollers between your wheel and road surface. Take special care when driving downhill on metal road, slow down and don't brake suddenly.

If you are driving a rental vehicle, remember to check whether you are insured when driving on unsealed roads.


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Follow the Outdoor Safety Code:
1. Plan your trip
2. Tell someone
3. Be aware of the weather
4. Know your limits
5. Take sufficient supplies