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For your safety, every effort has been made to ensure this information is correct. However, you should contact the local DOC visitor centre for the latest updates.

Changes to weather will affect conditions in the backcountry. Always check the latest weather report on the MetService website before you venture out and be prepared to change your plans if conditions are unfavourable.

Your safety is your responsibility. Make sure you plan, prepare and equip yourself for any trip into the backcountry. Follow the Outdoor safety code 

To report any safety hazards or conservation emergencies call DOC HOTline – 0800 362 468. For fire and search and rescue call 111.

Updated 17 April 2014

Tararua Forest Park

  • Kime Hut now open- Construction work at the hut has been completed and the hut is open for public use from Thursday 17th April onwards.
    Issued: 17 April 2014
  • Wasps on tracks in Holdsworth Area – Numerous wasp nests have been identified in the area, particularly along the Gentle Annie/Atiwhakatu tracks. The following have been marked with yellow tape and treated: 1 near Atiwhakatu Hut, 2 near East Holdsworth turnoff, 1 near Donnelly Flat Loop/Rocky Lookout junction and 1 below Rocky Lookout. We advise track users to be adequately prepared, especially if you or anyone in your party has a known allergy to wasp stings. Move past areas with wasps quickly and quietly. To assist us with identifying and destroying nests as they are discovered, please let us know the exact location of any wasp nests you see.
    Issued: 2 April 2014
  • Tutuwai Hut maintenance - Due to a hut upgrade there will be internal painting and other minor works at Tutuwai Hut until mid April. The hut will remain open but please be aware of contractors undertaking work.
    Reviewed: 2 April 2014. Dates subject to change.
  • Relocation of DOC Kaitoke carpark - The current carpark at the end of Marchant Road will be removed and new facilities will be installed at a new site near the entrance to Camp Kaitoke. The new car park will be clearly marked on the left hand side of Kiwi Ranch Road, located near the end of Marchant Rd. It will feature a toilet, information panels and a track connecting it to the Puffer Saddle track, Smiths Creek and Marchant Ridge.These facilities are being relocated to increase vehicle security and improve the visitor experience at this important access point. This work is due to be completed by April 2014.
    Reviewed: 2 April 2014
  • Project Kākā pest control operation - An aerial drop of bait pellets containing the toxin sodium fluoroacetate (1080) will be carried out by helicopter over 22,224 ha of the Tararua Forest Park during December 2013. Warning signs will be placed at all main access points to the operational area and in huts within or on the boundary of the area. Visitors entering this area are required to observe the cautions and follow the advice provided on these signs. The signs will be removed when they are no longer required. For more information see the Project Kākā factsheet (PDF, 3270K)
    Added: 28 November 2013. Valid until further notice.
  • Atiwhakatu Track/ Powell - Jumbo Circuit - A bridge has been washed away on the track from Donnelly Flat to Atiwhakatu Hut. Walkers are advised to proceed with caution as this track may become impassable if streams and rivers become swollen. Re-construction of the bridge has begun. Please be aware that contractors will be working at the site during 2013/early 2014. The track remains open but please use any re-routes or diversions provided.
    Reviewed: 2 April 2014. Valid until further notice
  • Atiwhakatu Track - A section of re-routed track is subsiding. Proceed with caution when walking along this slip section.
    Reviewed: 2 April 2014. Valid until further notice
  • Slips from Tutuwai Hut to Kaitoke Roadend - Slips and washouts along this section of the track may add up to 2 hours to the original completion time. They have caused the terrain in some areas to become steep, narrow and slippery and can be difficult to negotiate. Caution is required when crossing. The river bed can be used as an alternative to the worn out, steep and loose re-route 10 minutes upriver from the Tauherenikau bridge true left bank, however, river levels must be checked first. 
    Reviewed: 2 April 2014. Valid until further notice
  • Tutuwai Hut track -  The new section of track from the riverbed to Tutuwai Hut has been washed out. Please use the old tracks as an alternative route option.
    Reviewed: 2 April 2014. Valid until further notice

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