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For your safety, every effort has been made to ensure that this information is correct. However you should contact the local DOC visitor centre for the latest updates.

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Gisborne tracks, walks and campsites

Updated 26 September 2014

Te Reinga Falls Scenic Reserve

The Te Reinga Falls viewing platform is closed to the public until further notice. Stay behind all barriers and obey signs. Contact the Gisborne office for queries.

For information contact:

Turanganui-a-Kiwa / Gisborne Office
Phone:      +64 6 869 0460
Email:   gisborne@doc.govt.nz
Full office details

Whakatane Opotiki tracks, walks and campsites

Updated 21 August 2014

Te Waiti Hut to Stag Flat

There are three slips on this track. One large slip makes the track impassable but diversions can be taken by dropping down into the river.

For updates contact:

Opotiki Office
Phone:      +64 7 315 1001
Email:   opotiki@doc.govt.nz
Full office details

Te Urewera

Updated October 2014

Panekire Hut

The fireplace at Panekire Hut is unusable until further notice due to damage to the firebox.

Waikareiti Islands closed to public; ATVs on the Waikareiti track

Due to a pest control operation on the Waikareiti Islands, all of the islands are closed to the public. Staff involved in the operation will be using all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) on the Waikareiti track, sometimes quite heavily. Trampers, be alert, keep safe, and stand to the side of the track to let the vehicles pass.

Te Urewera Visitor Centre closing weekends

The Visitor Centre at Aniwaniwa now closes on weekends.

The opening hours are 8:00 am to 4:15 pm Monday to Friday.

The Waikaremoana Holiday Park provides limited DOC visitor services on weekends.
Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm 7 days a week until 30 August.

Lake Waikaremoana

Hereheretaua Bridge rock fall risk

Hereheretaua Bridge around 20 minutes from the Hopuruahine Road end has a risk of rockfall. Do not remain on the bridge longer than necessary.

Site closures for lagarosiphon eradication

Lagarosiphon weed has been found in several places on Lake Waikaremoana. Divers are currently working at eradicating the infestations. Do not enter these restricted areas. For the latest maps call into the Aniwaniwa Visitor Centre or see the signs at all the Lake Waikaremoana boat ramps.

Map of lagarosiphon infestation on Lake Waikaremoana
View larger Lake Waikaremoana lagarosiphon infestation map (JPG, 1480K)

Lagarosiphon can be spread by a piece as small as 2 cm long, so check your boat/kayak/canoe and fishing gear before bringing it to Waikaremoana. The most likely places for concealed weeds are on anchor chains, warps and wells, bilges (and any other cavity that holds moisture).

If you see lagarosiphon weed, do not pull it out. Contact the Aniwaniwa Visitor Centre and let us know.

Northern Te Urewera

Six Foot Track via Te Motiwha saddle – Makomako

There is a large slip on this section of the six foot track, so be very cautious. If necessary there is an alternative route via the Paiwairoto track from Te Panaa Hut to Taurawharona. From Taurawharona hut carry on till you get to the Paetawa Track Junction – turn left onto the Paetawa Track which will lead you back on to the Six foot track.

Waikirikiri - Ohora (Whakatane River Track)

This section of the track has recently had work completed on it by local contractors. The track is well marked and maintained up to Ohora Hut. Watch out for the small rock wall up to 1 metre high, which can be tricky in wet weather conditions. Bbe very cautious when crossing and make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear.

If you are using the Whakatane River Track via Waikirikiri through to Hanamihi, you will at times be crossing private land owned by local iwi. Be considerate when passing through and stay to the markers. The landowners have given permission for members of the public to access through their land but would like people to stick to the markers. Thank you for your understanding.

Southern Te Urewera

Waiau River

The Overland track from Whites Clearing to the old Parahaki site is overgrown. Times posted on signs are more than doubled so take this on board when preparing to tramp this track. The river track is open and accessible.

Tracks which sustained substantial snow damage in August 2006 are still only suitable for very experienced trampers:

  • Link track from Waiau Valley to Lake Waikaremoana
  • Track between the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk and Whakatakaa Hut
  • Track between State Highway 38 and Whakatakaa Hut

These tracks should only be attempted by experienced trampers. Although the snow on tracks and walkways has long-since melted the effect on vegetation can still pose dangers to visitors. Tramping times are much longer than usual.

Whirinaki Te Pua-a-Tāne Conservation Park

Waipunga Road access to Whirinaki Te Pua a Tane Conservation Park and Waipunga Forest Parks closed

The southern access off State Highway 5 to Whirinaki Te Pua a Tane and Waipunga Forest parks is temporarily closed. The bridge to the southern end of Waipunga/Pohukura roads has failed the initial engineer's inspection. The Department of Conservation is working to rectify this issue as soon as possible but consider this road as being closed until further notice. When access is resumed it will be advertised via this website.

Access to the parks is still available from the northern end via Murupara/Minginui.

Pine Milling Road and South Road

There will be tree felling along Pine Milling Road and sections of South Road until further notice.

Pukahunui Road end, Plateau Road end, Matakuhia Saddle Access and Opureke Access

2wd vehicles can access these roads via Waipunga or Boundary roads however due to ongoing logging operations in the area some signs may not be clearly visible from the road. It is suggested that you use topographical maps. See Waipunga Road alert above

All vehicles travelling to Plateau Road end or Puketiunui Road ends need to take extreme care as logging trucks will be using sections of these roads

There is limited cell phone coverage from Matakahia Saddle and Plateau Road end only (Telecom network)

Upper Te Hoe Hut to Central Te Hoe Hut via River Route

After several extreme rain events in early 2011 the route through the Te Hoe River gorge is now unsafe and impassable. This route through the gorge section known as "The Cut" will not be re-established. Use the ridge track.

Central Whirinaki Hut to Upper Whirinaki Hut via Caves Route:

This track is not maintained and is a marked route. You need a high level of experience for this track. The route via the river will not be re-established. Use the Taumutu Stream track.

River Road end to Mangamate Hut and Mangamate Hut to Upper Whirinaki Hut

This track is also open. The track to Mangamate hut follows and Mangamate stream alignment to the old hut site clearing, from there the track crosses the clearing a climbs by way of a benched track to the hut. The track continues from the hut across the saddle and down a stream and further along to the Taumutu stream and Whirinaki River track. The track is open however there may be instances where track markers are not clearly visible and or windfall. The track is Tramping Track classification and requires people to have a good level of fitness and backcountry awareness.

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Email:   teureweravc@doc.govt.nz
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Te Urewera Visitor Centre
Phone:      +64 6 837 3803
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