Activities in Catchpool Valley & Orongorongo Valley

Tracks and walks

The walks in the Catchpool Valley are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. There is also a specially marked dog exercise area just past the park entrance gate.

Other Activities

Dog walking
Horse riding
Family-friendly activities

Dog control in Catchpool Valley and Turere catchment

The 'No dog' requirements of the Conservation Act are strictly enforced within the Turere Stream catchment. Recreational hunting by permit issued under the Conservation Act is allowed, but dogs are excluded.

Areas of Rimutaka Forest Park requiring dogs to be kept on a lead at all times:

  • Signs mark the areas where dogs must be on a lead
  • The entire Catchpool Valley from its entrance at Coast Road to the upper car park, including all walks and tracks, picnic and camping areas except for the designated 'dog exercise area'.
  • Whakanui Track from its start at Sunny Grove road end in Wainuiomata, for approximately three-quarters of its length to the Orongorongo River.
  • McKerrow Track, Clay Ridge Track, Butcher Track, Cattle Ridge Track, and Orongorongo Track in their entirety.

Area of Catchpool Valley where dogs may be exercised off a lead:

  • Signs mark the area where dogs may be off a lead
  • Between the road and Catchpool Stream opposite the visitor centre.

Area of Rimutaka Forest Park closed to dogs:

  • Signs mark the areas closed to dogs.
  • The Turere Stream catchment from its headwaters to the confluence with the Orongorongo River. This is bounded by but does not include the Whakanui Track and McKerrow Track.

Horse riding

Access to the Cattle Ridge road and Mid Slope road is now available during normal park opening hours.

Opening hours: 8am - 8pm daily


  • For a guide to open tracks refer to yellow highlighted route/s on the map.
  • Horse riding is not permitted anywhere else in the Park.

Please follow Health & Safety rules and guidelines

  • It is recommended that high visibility clothing is worn at all times while in the area.
  • Be aware, as walkers, vehicles, mountain bikers and other users may be on the logging roads at the same time as you.

Family-friendly activities

There are lots of large, open grassed areas at Catchpool for outdoor games, as well as picnic tables and barbeques.


Along Catchpool Road are a range of picnic areas. Food must be cooked on the barbecues provided or with liquid or gas operated stoves. Portable generators are excluded from the park.


For further information contact Peter Plaxter,

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Follow the Outdoor Safety Code:
1. Plan your trip
2. Tell someone
3. Be aware of the weather
4. Know your limits
5. Take sufficient supplies

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