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Activities at Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve


This reserve area is a good spot for diving, with both shallow reefs and a deepwater channel to explore. You will see around fifty species of fish, dense kelp forest, anemones and sponge gardens.

Please be careful when entering the water – there are strong tidal currents and back eddies around Motukaroro. Less experienced divers should take a guided tour.


This area is almost entirely mangrove forest. Kayakers will enjoy exploring, but be sure to go during high tide or you might get stuck and have a squelchy walk back to open water.

Waikaraka is notable for its birdlife. It is home to about 10,000 migratory waders, some of them very rare, and many rare New Zealand birds too, such as dotterels, reef herons, fern birds and marsh crakes.


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Total fire ban

There is a total fire ban within the Kaipara and Whangarei Districts, effective from 1 February 2015 until further notice.

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