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These short walks are in the Egmont National Park, at North Egmont Road end.

Track overview

Walking and tramping

Various times under 1 hr Easiest: Short walk

Dog access

No dogs

About this track


North Egmont Nature Walk

Time: 15 min loop

This short walk provides a taste of the native bush at the North Egmont roadend.

The track begins at the Taranaki/Egmont National Park Visitor Centre. Follow the signs to the boardwalk, up past the historical Camphouse and on to a track that descends through twisted trees hanging with moss and lichens. The track has steps and is steep in some places with a few big drop offs near the track edge - keep an eye on the kids.

Ambury Monument Walk

Time: 10 min return

On June 3 1918, Arthur Ambury gave his life in a heroic attempt to save William Edwin Gourlay who slipped on ice. Both died when they fell over the bluff. This monument was erected in their memory. This area is a great picnic spot.

The walk begins at the Taranaki/Egmont National Park Visitor Centre. Follow the boardwalk up past the Camphouse and turn right onto the Holly Hut Track. The track gradually ascends steps to the monument. Return the same way or, for a slightly longer walk follow signs from the Monument to the Nature Walk which will return you to the carpark just below the visitor centre (10 minutes from the Monument).

Mangaoraka Loop Track

Time: 20 - 30 min return

This short walk begins at the Mangaoraka car park and picnic area, 2.3 km up from the Park entrance and 4.5km below the North Egmont road end.

This walk is a good introduction to lowland forest. Beginning at the Mangaoraka picnic area it follows the Mangaoraka Track for 15 minutes before branching right on to an easy loop track which returns to the track entry. There may be some boggy sections on the track. Take care when crossing the road.

Connett Loop Track

Time: 40 min return

This short walk is a great example of typical cloud forest vegetation. It meanders through constantly changing forest, dripping with mosses and lichens.

The track begins in the lower car park at North Egmont. Follow the signs around the loop to return to the carpark. The track is well maintained with a few steps. Be aware there is no safety barrier at the mountain lookout.

Ngatoro Loop Track

Time: 1 hr

Descend into a valley through “goblin forest” lichen and moss covered twisted trees, cross a stream and climb back up to the visitor centre.

Follow the board walk from the Visitor Centre uphill past the Camphouse onto the Summit Track. The Ngatoro Loop Track is 400 metres along on the left.

The track is steep in some places, has steps and an unbridged stream crossing which (although usually dry) can become impassable after heavy rain.

Getting there

These short walks are in the Egmont National Park, at North Egmont Roadend approximately a ½ hour drive from New Plymouth. Drive south on State Highway 3 to Egmont Village and turn right onto Egmont Road. North Egmont and the Taranaki/Egmont National Park Visitor Centre is at the end of this road.

Know before you go

Location map

Map of North Egmont short walks.


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Address:   2879 Egmont Rd
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