Flora Saddle to Barron Flat mountain biking

You can mountain bike the Flora Saddle to Barron Flat Track in Kahurangi National Park.

Track grade

The Flora Saddle to Barron Flat mountain biking track is a one day backcountry ride that traverses through a variety of landscapes and terrains. It follows a historic pack track, connecting the Flora carpark (Graham Valley Road end, Motueka River valley) with Barron Flat (Upper Takaka, Golden Bay).

The full trip offers a challenging ride in a backcountry environment for riders of intermediate skill level (Grade 3), with a mixture of technical, single track and cross country riding experiences. (The track is mostly downhill and so less difficult if you start at the Flora Saddle end).

Mountain bike track grading system

The ride

Flora Carpark to Upper Junction (8.7 km)

On a fine day, an easy (Grade 2) ride on a fairly flat, generally well formed, wide 4WD benched track, suitable for families and less experienced riders. Although muddy in some sections, it is generally either gravelled or a hard surface.

Upper Junction to Grecian Stream (6.2 km)

More suited to intermediate (Grade 3) and advanced (Grade 4) riders. It is technically challenging, on rough, remote terrain, and you may need to walk or carry your bike at various points.

From Upper Junction to Lower Junction the ride starts as a benched walking track, which then reduces in width to a narrow single track and is of a lower standard from Lower Junction to Grecian Stream. Some parts of this track are boggy or prone to erosion and there are several stream crossing and scree slopes

Grecian Stream to Barron Flat (8.5 km)

A former stock route/bridle path, with a gentle gradient and terrain (intermediate, Grade 3).

Barron Flat to Cobb Valley Road (13.4 km)

(Outside the national park) - a 4WD track on various land tenures, including conservation land, private land and formed legal road (easy, Grade 2). An easement agreement across private land provides access for mountain bikes to Cobb Valley Road.

The rules

You can ride mountain bikes on the Flora Saddle to Barron Flat track:

  • all year round
  • in both directions
  • in a group, provided there is no more than six riders in the group
  • during the day only (from ½ an hour before sunrise to ½ an hour after sunset), to protect two threatened nocturnal species found on parts of the track: the Powelliphanta snail and roa (great spotted kiwi).

You are not permitted to take a mountain bike:

  • in or out of the national park by helicopter
  • into any huts or shelter
  • off the formed and designated route.

Signs and other markers clearly identify where mountain bikes can be ridden and where they are not allowed. Towards the Barron Flat end there are several side roads, access driveways and tracks leading off the main route out of the national park and off the legal road across private land. Please stay on the marked route and respect the various land tenures, particularly private land.

At the Barron Flat end, please park your motorised vehicle at the end of the legal road located off Cobb Valley Road adjacent to the Waitui Stream, ~200m from the Waitui and Cobb Valley Road junction (see the map for the exact location). There will be clear on-site signage indicating vehicle parking areas.

Please remember

Please remember that this mountain biking track is being shared with walkers and trampers, and other bikers who may be coming the other way. It should be ridden in accordance with the mountain bikers code.


Flora Saddle to Barron Flat mountain biking track map.


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4. Know your limits
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