Northland region

Pig hunting Far North style.

Pig hunting Far North style

Northland region.

The Far North hunting area has numerous hunting reserves scattered around the Kaitaia area, from Mangamuka in the south to Te Paki in the north. Hunting blocks vary in size ranging from 9ha to 13,000ha.

The reserves are generally characterised by native forest, native bush/scrub, wetlands, coastal dunes and coastal forested areas.

You can access some of the reserves directly off the main highway or side roads in the area. Some reserves have walking access only, and private land must be crossed first and permission obtained.

Pigs are generally the main animal hunted in these reserves, although you can hunt possums and game birds on occasion.

Popular hunting areas are located in Te Paki Reserves, Herekino Forest, Warawara Forest, and Lake Ohia.

The Far North region has a warm temperate climate, with some claiming it to be the ‘Winterless North”. You will experience humid summers and at times mild wet winters. In the winter, the average maximum is around 15 degrees celsius, rising to around 28 degrees celsius in summer. Rainfall occurs year round.


Far North hunting areas are located between Mangamuka, just south of Kaitaia, to the tip of the North Island of New Zealand, Te Paki.

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