Wild animal recovery operation (WARO)

Wild animal recovery operation (WARO) means the use of an aircraft (whether or not for hire or reward) to carry out one or more of the following activities:

  1. The searching for, shooting, or immobilising of wild animals
  2. The recovering of wild animals (whether dead or alive) or of any part of those wild animals
  3. The carriage of persons, supplies, equipment, firearms, ammunition, poisons, or other things that may be used for the purpose of paragraph 1 or paragraph 2.

Red deer and helicopter, South Westland. Photo: Geoff Woodhouse.
Red deer and helicopter, South Westland

WARO concession permits

Any wild animal recovery operation on public conservation land needs an authorisation under the Wild Animal Control Act 1977.

WARO concession permits are issued by DOC.

Apply for a WARO permit or contact your local DOC office to find out more.

Maps of WARO operations

For maps showing the areas of New Zealand with current wild animal recovery operation permits see Maps of WARO operations.

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