Pukenui Forest Charitable Trust

Pukenui Forest. Photo: Pukenui Forest Trust.
Pukenui Forest

The Pukenui Forest Trust is dedicated to caring for and enhancing the biodiversity values of Pukenui Forest and the Western Hills near Whangarei City.

About the Trust

The Trust was established in 2008 as an independent community group. We work across private land, Whangarei District Council, and public conservation land in an area of approximately 2,000 hectares. 

Our aims:

  • Restore and maintain the ecological environment of the area as it existed in former times and in ways that will help people to enjoy its richness and diversity.
  • Preserve archaeological and historical sites within the area.
  • Enhance the recreational and educational potential of the area in ways that are compatible with its conservation values.

Pukenui Forest Trust logo.
Pukenui Forest Trust logo

About Pukenui Forest and Western Hills

Pukenui Forest and Western Hills are situated on Whangarei City's backyard immediately west of the City and adjoining State Highway 1.

It is a dominant landscape feature of the City. The area is rich in biodiversity and cultural and historical values.

The Western Hills are also popular for their recreational opportunities such as tramping and picnicking. The site contains Whangarei City's main water supply catchment at Whau Valley.

Get involved

You can help the Pukenui Forest Trust by joining them as a volunteer, sponsoring or providing donations, taking part in conservation activities in the forest, or just telling others about the Trust.


Visit the Pukenui Forest Charitable Trust website to find out more about the Trust and who to contact.

Phone: +64 9 4351240 (Margaret Pohe - Secretary / Trustee)
Email: info@pukenuitrust.org.nz
Postal address: PO Box 4028, Kamo, Whangarei 0141

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