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More information on the DOC website

Weeds: Threats & impacts
Learn about weeds species and the activities DOC is involved with to control weeds on NZ's conservation lands

Publications about weeds
DOC publications about weeds

Weed surveillance SOP (PDF, 662K)
DOC's weed surveillance standard operating procedure

DOC Science posters - weeds

More information on other websites

Weed identification, control methods and educational resources

Weeds programmes Bush Telly, NZ Ecological Restoration Network
Over 17 programmes related to weeds and their control, includes interviews with DOC staff

National Pest Plant Accord Biosecurity NZ
All plants on the NPPA are unwanted organisms they cannot be sold, propagated or distributed in New Zealand

Weeds of agriculture Te Ara Encyclopedia of NZ
Covers pasture, crops, freshwater and forest weeds and looks at control methods

Aquatic weeds NIWA
Species guide to aquatic/freshwater weeds 

Landcare Research Manaaki Whenua

Weeds in New Zealand
General information about weeds, why they are bad and how to control them  

Biocontrol of weeds
Links to resources and information about training on biocontrol of weeds

Regional information

Regional Plant Me Instead booklets from Weedbusters
Guides profiling the environmental weeds of greatest concern in your region with suggestions for local species that can be used to replace them in your garden

General pest plant information QEII Trust
Links to plant pest information on Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Canterbury and Southland regional council websites

Pest plants Auckland Regional Council
Find out what you can do to help control pest plants  

Pest plants Horizon's Regional Council
Information about a wide range of pest plants including identifying and controlling them

Controlling problem weeds in riparian zones Greater Wellington Regional Council
Controlling weeds around streams and wetlands

Weed control in bush areas Greater Wellington Regional Council
What to do about weeds on bush blocks, private land

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