Weed control

Weeds are having a significant impact on our native plant communities. Weeds smother and displace native plants and ecosystems in every part of New Zealand – from estuaries to alpine herb fields.

Weedbusters logo.

Left unchecked, they will change our landscape and destroy our natural heritage, and that includes endangering our rare and threatened birds.

Working together to protect New Zealand

Weedbusters is a public awareness and education programme about invasive weeds. Weedbusters is all about working together to reduce the threat of weeds to New Zealand's natural environment.

  • Look
    Look out for the Weedbusters logo – this means Weedbusters are at work
  • Learn
    Learn about weeds and pest plants in your area
  • Act
    Act by planting environmentally friendly alternatives and dispose of garden waste at approved green waste sites or landfills.

The Department of Conservation has been proud to have a lead role in the Weedbusters initiative.

Controlling weeds is an important part of conservation work, and unless everyone plays their part in stopping the spread of weeds we will be fighting a losing battle.


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Learn more

DOC’s Inventory and Monitoring Toolbox -  methods for sampling populations of species


To find out how you can get involved in conservation activities near you, contact your local DOC office