Mitre 10 Takahē Rescue

About the Mitre 10 Takahē Rescue partnership

Since 2005, Mitre 10 has partnered with DOC, via Mitre 10 Takahē Rescue, contributing more than half a million dollars. In 2012 a new partnership agreement was signed that will see Mitre 10 Takahē Rescue increasing its commitment and financial contribution to the Takahē Recovery Programme for a further three year term.

Saving the takahē is a big job and by working together we can achieve more. With only 260 birds left, they are critically endangered; that means the next step could be extinction. This partnership is about ensuring that doesn’t happen.

Mitre 10 releasing takahe
Support from Mitre 10 has allowed the Takahē Recovery Programme to transfer birds to offshore and predator free sites

Over the years this support has allowed the Takahē Recovery Programme to upgrade and build new breeding units and safe homes; better monitor and control takahē predators; transfer birds to offshore islands and predator free sites and purchase much needed health and maintenance materials.

As a locally owned and operated business, Mitre 10 has strong roots in communities nationwide so part of the renewed partnership will see local stores play a far more active role in Mitre10 Takahē Rescue with stronger links forged between stores and sites with takahē.

Through continuing Mitre 10 Takahē Rescue this work can continue and we can raise further awareness of the risk takahē face and encourage New Zealander’s to join us to support their rescue.

View a video

Watch the journey as Mitre 10 Takahē Rescue moved nine takahe from the Burwood Bush rearing unit in Te Anau to Motutapu Island in the Hauraki Gulf to establish a new population there.

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