Journey to the Deep: Unit 1 - Connected people

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This Inquiry Learning Unit prepares students to visit Journey to the Deep in person, or virtually.

Building on the rich learning experience provided by their imagined ocean journey, children work in a drama role as 'marine scientists' to 'investigate' the state of the Hauraki Gulf's marine environment - Tikapa Moana. They report their findings to their class and to the 'Minister of Conservation', take action in response to their findings, and celebrate their work by sharing it with their school community, learning to act as kaitiaki (guardians) for the sea and for the land.

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Journey to the Deep teaching resource: Unit 1 - connected people (PDF, 9,095 K)

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How this unit relates to the national curriculum:

  • Science Level 3: Nature of Science, Investigating in Science;  Living World, Ecology
  • English Level 3: Listening Reading and Viewing
  • The Arts – Drama Level 3: Developing Practical Knowledge

Activities can easily be adapted for use from Levels 2 - 4.

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