Summary of submissions

  1. Submissions will contain all submission points that have been supported in other submissions
  2. The following acronyms have been used in the summaries:
  • RMA: Resource Management Act 1991
  • CMA: Coastal Marine Area
  • NZCPS: New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement
  • DOC: Department of Conservation
  • RCAs: Restricted Coastal Activities

Submissions by provision: Policies

Submissions sorted by provision: Objectives (PDF, 614K)

Submissions sorted by provision: General/other (PDF, 907K)

Submissions sorted by provision: Policy part one (PDF, 2M)

Submissions sorted by provision: Policy part two (PDF, 2M)

Submissions sorted by provision: Policy part three (PDF, 2,394K)

Submissions sorted by provision: Schedules (PDF, 608K)

Submissions by submitter number

1-100 (PDF, 2,257K)

101-200 (PDF, 2,214K)

201-300 (PDF, 1,276K)

301-400 (PDF, 2,791K)

401-538 (PDF, 2,818K)

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Theme overview reports

General theme overview (PDF, 82K)

Theme one: Administration (PDF, 91K)

Theme two: Consultation (PDF, 41K)

Theme three: Historic heritage (PDF, 50K)

Theme four: Foreshore and seabed (PDF, 49K)

Theme five and six: Treaty and tangata whenua decision making (PDF, 62K)

Theme seven: Infrastructure (PDF, 60K)

Theme eight: Energy - Land (PDF, 44K)

Theme nine: Energy - CMA (PDF, 54K)

Theme ten: Aquaculture (PDF, 54K)

Theme eleven: Climate change (PDF, 42K)

Theme twelve: Property rights (PDF, 48K)

Theme thirteen: Coastal subdivision (PDF, 71K)

Theme fourteen: Coastal use and development (PDF, 119K)

Theme fifteen: Allocation of space (PDF, 54K)

Theme sixteen: Occupation charging/Financial contributions (PDF, 53K)

Theme seventeen: Obligations on local government (PDF, 67K)

Theme eighteen: Implementation assistance (PDF, 33K)

Theme nineteen: Potential legal questions (PDF, 45K)

Theme twenty: Scope of RMA (PDF, 49K)

Theme twenty-one: Interrelationships of NZCPS to other NPS, NES and other legislation (PDF, 30K)

Theme twenty-two: Natural hazards (PDF, 63K)

Theme twenty-three: Restricted coastal activities (PDF, 32K)

Theme twenty-four: NZCPS document (PDF, 141K)

Theme twenty-five: Natural character and biodiversity (PDF, 65K)

Theme twenty-six: Landscape and open space (PDF, 63K)

Theme twenty-seven A: Amenity values (PDF, 47K)

Theme twenty-seven B: Access (PDF, 68K)

Theme twenty-eight: Cultural values other than Treaty (PDF, 51K)

Theme twenty-nine: Recreation (PDF, 51K)

Theme thirty: Water quality (PDF, 70K)

Theme thirty-one: General (PDF, 122K)

Theme thirty-two: Section 32 (PDF, 33K)

Viewing documents on this page

Some documents are currently only available as PDFs or other files such as Word or Excel. If you can't view these files please get in touch with the listed contact to request another format or a hard copy. About PDFs and other alternative formats.

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