Waikato Conservation Management Strategy consultation

Update: 29 September 2014 – The Waikato CMS has been approved and published.

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The Waikato Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) provides a framework for the integrated management of natural and historic resources in Waikato over the next 10 years.

The CMS identifies outcomes for areas managed by the Department as well as showing how the Department will contribute to conservation objectives by working with tangata whenua, communities, local and regional authorities, statutory agencies and business in Waikato.

Progress report

The Draft Waikato Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) was publicly notified on 5 December 2012. Submissions closed on 15 March 2013. A total of 167 submissions were received.

Hearings were held on the Draft Waikato CMS for submitters who wished to be heard in May and June 2013. The hearings panel was made up of Department of Conservation staff and representatives of the Waikato Conservation Board.

The Department has prepared its responses to submissions received on the Draft Waikato CMS and these have been forwarded to the Waikato Conservation Board for their consideration. Some of the Department's responses have resulted in changes which have been incorporated into a Revised Draft Waikato CMS.

Recommended draft CMS

The Waikato Conservation Board formally resolved to forward the Waikato CMS to the New Zealand Conservation Authority for approval. The revised CMS (known as the Recommended Draft Waikato CMS) was received by the Authority.

View Volume 1 of the Recommended Draft Waikato CMS (PDF, 2,594K)

Volume 2 (the maps) have not yet been revised.

Please note that the CMS is not yet finalised. The Recommended Draft CMS may be changed by the New Zealand Conservation Authority and Minister of Conservation in the next steps of the Waikato CMS review process.”

Review process  

The process for reviewing a conservation management strategy is set out in the Conservation Act 1987. The table below shows the process and timeframes for the Waikato CMS review.

DOC prepares Draft Waikato CMS Completed November 2012
Draft Waikato CMS publicly notified 5 December 2012
Submissions close 15 March 2013
Hearings held May 2013
DOC prepares responses to submissions prepared and revises Draft Waikato CMS Completed August 2013
Waikato Conservation Board considers DOC's responses to submissions and the Revised Draft Waikato CMS Early 2014
Waikato Conservation Board refers the Recommended Draft Waikato CMS to the New Zealand Conservation Authority Early 2014
New Zealand Conservation Authority considers the Recommended Draft Waikato CMS and consults with the Minister of Conservation Early to mid 2014
Minister of Conservation considers the Recommended Draft Waikato CMS and provides comments Late 2014
New Zealand Conservation Authority approves the Waikato CMS Late 2014
The Approved Waikato CMS is published and implemented Late 2014

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