Draft Conservation Services Programme strategic and research plan: 2012-17

Consultation closed: 30 March 2012

Submissions were called for on the draft Conservation Services Programme strategic and research plan: 2012-17.

Download the Conservation Services Programme strategic and research plan: 2012-17 (PDF, 367K)

Background information

New Zealand is a maritime nation with the fourth largest exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the world. Our waters are the home of many protected species: over forty cetaceans (whales and dolphins), nine pinnipeds (seals, etc), and more than eighty seabirds have been recorded, as well as a diverse range of corals, protected fish and reptiles. These waters also provide for important commercial, recreational and customary fishing resources.

Marine protected species may be threatened by commercial fishing. Direct impacts include being caught, injured or killed in nets or on hooks. Benthic species may also be impacted by bottom trawlers and other fishing methods operating on or near the seabed. Indirect impacts such as habitat modification, food competition and behaviour modification of protected species may also occur. These impacts may compromise the viability or recovery of protected species populations.

The Conservation Services Programme, administered by Department of Conservation, is legislated to undertake research to understand and address these impacts and to recover the costs of these “conservation services” from the commercial fishing sector.

Submissions recieved

Fifteen submissions were received, and are available via the links below.

A common theme among a number of submissions was the call for a more collaborative approach with stakeholders to identifying the strategic direction of the Conservation Services Programme, and the resulting mid-term research plan required. In response to this DOC has decided to adopt such a process to review the draft Conservation Services Programme strategic and research plan: 2012-17, and submissions received.

It is envisaged that this process will take some months to develop and implement, and further details, including opportunities for participation, will be circulated to all parties on the Conservation Services Programme stakeholder email list (if you are not already registered on the list and would like to be added please email csp@doc.govt.nz)

Due to the time required by the proposed process to finalise the draft Conservation Services Programme strategic and research plan: 2012-17, the Conservation Services Programme Annual Plan 2012-13 will be developed in parallel, including public consultation on a draft document.

Yellow-eyed penguin Recovery Group (PDF, 22K)

Monarch Wildlife Cruises and Tours (PDF, 108K)

West Coast Te Tai o Poutini Conservation Board (PDF, 94K)

Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand (PDF, 366K)

New Zealand Rock Lobster Industry Council (PDF, 528K)

Deepwater Group (PDF, 105K)

Challenger Finfisheries Management Company (PDF, 278K)

New Zealand sea lion Trust (PDF, 61K)

WWF-New Zealand (PDF, 118K)

Seafood Industry Council (PDF, 469K)

Sanford (PDF, 34K)

Black petrel Action Group (PDF, 210K)

Yellow-eyed penguin Trust (PDF, 28K)

Elm Wildlife Tours (PDF, 166K)

Environment and Conservation Organisations of New Zealand (PDF, 82K)

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