Otago Conservation Management Strategy consultation

Your heritage, your say - Tōu Taonga, Tōu Whakaaro

The places, historic sites, plants and animals looked after by the Department of Conservation (DOC) belong to you and DOC manages them on your behalf. Conservation Management Strategies (CMS) are plans for how this happens.

The draft Otago CMS 2014-2024 was publicly notified for submissions on 26 June 2013. Copies of the draft CMS were provided to Ngai Tahu, regional and district councils, government departments, key conservation, recreation and tourism organisations, and other key interest groups.

Submissions on the draft Otago Conservation Management Strategy were sought and closed on 13 September 2013 with 401 submissions received.

Hearings were held during October and November 2013.

Submissions have been summarised and the draft CMS has been revised and is now with the Otago Conservation Board for its consideration. Once the Otago Conservation Board completes its consideration, the CMS will then be forwarded to the New Zealand Conservation Authority for approval.

Submitters have been sent a copy of the Department's responses to their submissions.

Revised draft CMS

The revised draft CMS, the summaries of submissions and accompanying documents can be viewed here:

The remaining maps in Volume II (other than Maps 2, 3 and 4) have not been revised at this stage and can be viewed here:

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Review process timeline

The process for reviewing a conservation management strategy is set out in Section 17F of the Conservation Act 1987.

The key dates for the Otago CMS process are:

26 June 2013:  Draft Otago CMS notified and made publically available online and in hard copy for public submissions.

13 September 2013:  Submissions closed

October/November 2013:  Hearings held

November 2013 – October 2014:  Revision of draft CMS based on submissions received and hearings held

November 2014:  The revised draft CMS is sent to the Otago Conservation Board for its consideration. Submitters are sent a copy of the Department's responses to their submissions.

2014 – 2015: Approval process. This involves the following steps:

  • The Conservation Board has up to 6 months to consider the revised draft CMS and the summary of submissions and make its recommendations to the New Zealand Conservation Authority
  • The NZ Conservation Authority considers the revised draft CMS and seeks comments from the Minister of Conservation and any other persons or organizations before making its recommendations.
  • The NZ Conservation Authority approves the CMS.

Canterbury and Southland CMS

Alongside the draft Otago CMS, the Department notified the draft CMS for Canterbury and Southland Murihiku.

Collectively these three draft CMS show how the Department intends to manage and advocate for conservation values in the lower South Island over the next ten years.

More information

For more information email southislandcms@doc.govt.nz

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