Help Landcare Research build up a picture of how birds are faring in New Zealand gardens by participating in the 6th annual national survey of garden birds.

Simply spend an hour, sometime between 30 June and 8 July 2012, watching your garden and recording the highest number of birds you see, or hear, at one time.

You don’t have to watch your whole garden, just part of the garden will do, and you don’t even have to be outside – looking out the window is fine.

Silvereye in coprosma. Photo: Rob Morris.
Silvereye in coprosma

The results of last year’s survey showed that the most numerous species counted in New Zealand gardens was the house sparrow, followed by the silvereye (or wax-eye), starling, blackbird and myna.

The survey form and an identification chart for the most common birds found in New Zealand gardens is available on the Landcare Research website.

The survey is being run by Landcare Research, in collaboration with Forest & Bird and the Ornithological Society.

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