You can help pets

A domestic cat

You as a pet owner can assist in balancing the forces of nature and improving the chance of survival for native species. Here's how:


  • Have your cat neutered or spayed so they can't produce unwanted kittens.
  • Keep your cat well fed and have moving toys for it to play with, so it is less inclined to chase birds, etc.
  • Keep your cat indoors overnight so nocturnal insects and lizards have free reign of your garden.
  • Don't dump unwanted kittens and cats - either give them to the SPCA or ask a vet to put them down humanely.


  • Provide your dog with a roomy pen/kennel where it can be happy and is not free to roam outside your property.
  • Exercise dogs only in areas designated for the purpose -
    • not on beaches
    • not in estuaries
    • not in reserves.
  • Keep your dog on a lead.
  • Be particularly aware of ground-nesting birds - such as kiwi, dotterel and oystercatchers - and keep dogs away from nesting areas.