Threats to Maui's dolphin

There are a number of actual and potential threats facing Maui’s dolphin including those from some fishing methods, boat strikes, disease and pollution. Some of these threats may cause the death of the dolphins directly, whereas others may impact on the population by reducing the health of individuals and therefore their ability to breed.

The Review of the Maui’s dolphin Threat Management Plan Consultation Paper provides further details on threats facing Maui's dolphins and how the Department of Conservation and the Ministry for Primary Industries are seeking to mitigate threats against them.

In November 2013, The Minister of Conservation, along with the Minister of Primary Industries, announced a variation to the West Coast North Island Marine Mammal Sanctuary (implemented after public consultation) to be implemented in full alongside a package of protection measures as a part of the Maui’s TMP review. 

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Whare Kaupapa Atawhai / Conservation House
Phone:      +64 4 471 0726
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To report whale or dolphin strandings phone 24 hour emergency number: 0800 DOCHOT (0800 362 468) 

In the North Island, immediately report any Hector’s/Maui’s dolphin sightings south of Awakino (near the Taranaki – Waikato boundary) and on the East Coast.

DOC is especially interested in these sightings as they represent areas of the range of Maui's dolphins where genetic samples are limited. How you can help.