Arawai Kākāriki wetland restoration programme

The Arawai Kākāriki wetland restoration programme aims to enhance the ecological restoration of three of New Zealand’s foremost wetland/freshwater sites, making use of strong community involvement and promoting research into wetland restoration techniques.

The Arawai Kākāriki wetland restoration programme is focused on three key wetland sites:

An investment has also been made in research and information transfer to increase understanding of wetlands and develop wetland restoration tools.

Priority work at all three sites aims to find out more about how the wetlands work, what the major threats are and what species they contain. This has involved hydrological surveys, vegetation mapping, fish surveys and bird monitoring. Restoration programmes such as fencing, willow control and riparian planting have been expanded.

The three wetland sites are all different in terms of management approaches, land ownership and communities of interest. Building community awareness and involvement in wetland conservation is an important component of the Arawai Kākāriki programme.


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