Historic Chancellor Hut


Westland National Park, DOC Fox Glacier office


A simple rectangle plan, vertical corrugated iron 12 bunk mountain hut of early design. The main room has two cooking benches, and an internal door leading to the bunk room, formerly the Women’s Room. In both rooms the timber framing is visible, and on the outside of the framing the patterned congolium is still intact.

Located on the Southwest face of Chancellor Ridge, more than 200m above Fox Glacier, with views of some of the country’s highest peaks.

Upgraded Chancellor Hut.
Upgraded Chancellor Hut and team


Carried in piece by piece and assembled on site, in the days before alpine air lifts, the hut has hardly been modified since. The hut played an important role in the development of mountaineering, ski mountaineering and tramping in Westland National Park.

Historic themes of early tourism and recreation.

Fabric significance

The least modified example of early alpine hut construction in the region.

Historic significance

The oldest alpine hut still on its original site. It has a category two Historic Places Trust registration.

Future management

Consultation with Alpine Clubs. The hut will be maintained to protect its historic fabric and minimise deterioration. A conservation plan has been prepared by Chris Cochran, 1991 to guide its management. This contains more information about the hut.