A list of our latest publications from each science series.

Science for Conservation Series

Latest publication June 2014 

326. Ecosystem goods and services in marine protected areas (MPAs). By Marjan van den Belt and Anthony Cole 2014. Science for Conservation 326. 96 p. (PDF, 2090K)

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DOC Research & Development Series

Latest publication October 2015 

347. Recent developments in New Zealand herpetofauna research: abstracts of papers presented at the 15th and 16th biennial conference of the Society for Research on Amphibians and Reptiles in New Zealand. By N.J. Nelson and S.N. Keall (Comps) 2015. DOC Research and Development Series 347. 24 p. (PDF, 2461K)

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New Zealand Threat Classification Series

Latest publication May 2016 

14. Conservation status of New Zealand marine mammals, 2013. By C.S. Baker, B.L. Chilvers, S. Childerhouse, R. Constantine, R. Currey, R. Mattlin, A. Van Helden, R. Hitchmough, and J. Rolfe 2016. New Zealand Threat Classification Series 14. 18 p. (PDF, 636K)

13. Conservation status of New Zealand mosses, 2014. By Jeremy R. Rolfe, Allan J. Fife, Jessica E. Beever, Patrick J. Brownsey and Rodney A. Hitchmough 2016. New Zealand Threat Classification Series 13. 12 p. (PDF, 583K)

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DOC Technical Series

Latest publication March 2015 

38. Protocols for the inventory and monitoring of populations of the endangered Australasian bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus) in New Zealand. C. O’Donnell and E. Williams 2015. DOC Technical Series 38. 40 p. (PDF, 4,143K)

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Threatened Species Recovery Plans

Latest publication March 2014 

63. Native frog (Leiopelma spp.) recovery plan, 2013-2018. P.J. Bishop, L.A. Daglish, A.J.M. Haigh, L.J. Marshall, M.D. Tocher, K.L. McKenzie 2014. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 63. 39 p. (PDF, 873K

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DOC Marine Conservation Services Series

Latest publication March 2013 

10. Level 1 risk assessment for incidental seabird mortality associated with fisheries in New Zealand's Exclusive Economic Zone. By S. Rowe 2013. DOC Marine Conservation Series. 62 p. (PDF, 2474K)

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