August 2014

The Whangarei Kiwi Sanctuary (WKS) was established in 2000 to protect the rapidly declining population of the Northland provenance of the Northland brown kiwi.

Since the creation of the WKS, the focus was primarily on protecting kiwi through predator control using traps and toxins, and monitoring a sample of kiwi to ascertain the effects of the protection. However, because predation on kiwi by dogs is the strongest driver of population trends in Northland (de Monchy et al., 2009) it was decided in 2008/2009 that the dog issue needed to be addressed. The 'Dog Campaign' is being driven by a 'dogs and kiwi' community relations engagement plan that was completed in June 2011.  

Another important document that is guiding the actions of the WKS team is the Northland Brown Kiwi Taxon Plan. The taxon plan sets goals for Northland brown kiwi recovery and describes in detail the management and research actions required to achieve and maintain these goals.

Publication cover showing Transfer boxes at Maranui kiwi release. Photo: Gina Williams.
Publication cover showing Transfer boxes at Maranui kiwi release

Summary of 2013-2014 report

The report includes the following chapters:

  1. Introduction and DOC restructure
    1. Objective
  2. Dog campaign
    1. Increasing general public awareness and dog signage
    2. Northland brown kiwi distribution mapping
    3. Targeting specific audiences (including landowners and residents living in and around kiwi areas, kiwi aversion training, and school visits)
    4. Enforcement
  3. Encouraging community kiwi initiatives
    1. Northland Kiwi Forum
    2. Tānekaha Landcare Group
    3. Marunui Conservation Ltd- Brynderwyns
    4. Mataia Restoration Project – Glorit
  4. Predator control
    1. Mustelid and cat control
    2. 1080 pulse in bait stations
    3. Community kiwi protection
  5. Sanctuary monitoring
    1. Kiwi monitoring
    2. Kiwi dog work
    3. Kiwi listening 2013
    4. Cause of death
  6. BNZ Operation Nest Egg™
    1. Matakohe-Limestone Island BNZONE Crèche – Kiwi Search and Capture
    2. Motuora Island BNZONE Crèche – Kiwi Search and Capture
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. References

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