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Hector's and Māui dolphin threat management plan

Submission date: 24 October 2007
Submitted to: Dolphin Threat Management Plan

The New Zealand Conservation Authority considers that an immediate and precautionary approach needs to be taken to protect Hector’s and Māui dolphin.

  • It is important that firm measures, reflecting the best information currently available, are put in place as soon as possible. While more efforts are required to fully identify the factors contributing to the population decline, it is important that actions to address the situation are not delayed.
  • All stakeholders need to be involved in the protection and on-going conservation of this population.
  • Restrictions on vessel movements and contacts need to be implemented.
  • The Marine Mammal Care Code should be formally adopted and enforced.
  • The establishment of marine mammal sanctuaries is justified to protect this population.
  • It is necessary for New Zealand’s reputation as a credible cetaceans advocate.

In order for long-term preservation of viable dolphin populations across their remaining natural range, all parties need to be engaged and their knowledge and experience built into the solutions that are developed.

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