NZCA aerial trophy hunting (heli-hunting) advice January 2011

To: Canterbury Conservator, Department of Conservation and Director-General of Conservation
Date: 25 January 2011

Aerial trophy hunting (also referred to as heli-hunting) 

Download the NZCA's advice on aerial trophy hunting (aka heli-hunting) (PDF, 117K)

Download the NZCA's place by place advice on aerial trohpy hunting (aka heli-hunting) for 2011 (PDF, 47K)


Aerial trophy hunting should not be allowed at times and in places where specific provisions are made for ground-based recreational hunters, or where it impacts on the benefit and enjoyment of other users, or constrains the Department’s management, whether that be for wild animal control or other purposes, or is otherwise inconsistent with outcomes at places or the policies of statutory planning documents. 

Aerial trophy hunting is too large and complex a topic for long term decisions to be rushed. This includes the reputational risk to the Department of pushing ahead in the face of opposition from the public without taking the time to talk through the issues, identify all possible options, and reach a decision which, if not supported by all interested parties, is at least understood by them and accepted as reasonable.


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