The New Zealand Conservation Authority Te Pou Atawhai Taiao O Aotearoa is an independent conservation body that is serviced by the Department of Conservation.


The New Zealand Conservation Authority's role is to advise the Minister of Conservation and the Director-General of Conservation.

It is closely involved in conservation planning and policy development affecting the management of public conservation areas administered by the Department of Conservation as it approves the statutory strategies and plans which set objectives for their management.

The New Zealand Conservation Authority (NZCA) is: 

  • not a board of directors with governance responsibilities
  • serviced by the Department of Conservation.
  • a member of the the New Zealand Committee of the Internation Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


NZCA field trip to the Whanganui River, February 2012. Photo: Katrina Edwards.
NZCA field trip to the Whanganui River, February 2012

To ensure for the people of New Zealand, that the richness of New Zealand’s natural and cultural heritage is valued, restored, maintained, and cared for by all, in order to enhance our environment and quality of life.


The functions of the NZCA are set out in section 6B of the Conservation Act 1987 and in the National Parks and Reserves Acts. A major responsibility is the approval of conservation management strategies and national park management plans.

The NZCA may also investigate conservation issues of national importance and advise on national initiatives, policies and strategies affecting public conservation resources.

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