Vision, purpose. outcome and values

Our vision

Our vision is:

New Zealand is the greatest living space on Earth
Kāore he wāhi i tua atu i a Aotearoa, hei wahi noho i te ao

By "living space" we’re talking about our physical environment and the people, plants and animals that it supports.

By "greatest" we mean New Zealand being the best it can be—a country that prospers socially, economically and environmentally.

Our vision is bigger than DOC and bigger even than conservation. We want it to be a stretch and to be something everyone wants to sign up to, so we can all work together to achieve it.

We’re doing our part to make New Zealand the greatest living space on Earth by looking after our environment so all of us can enjoy it and get the benefits from it that we need for our health and well-being and our wealth. This includes things like: clean air to breathe; fresh water to drink and to run our industries; healthy soils to grow our food; places where we can find adventure and solitude, and much more.

Our purpose

Our purpose is:

Conservation leadership for a prosperous New Zealand

By "prosperous New Zealand" we mean a country that is flourishing socially, economically and environmentally.

Our outcome

Our outcome is:

New Zealanders gain environmental, social and economic benefits from healthy functioning ecosystems, recreation opportunities and living our history.

Our values

We are all different, we are shaped by our own personal knowledge, strengths and experiences but the way that we work at DOC is guided by a set of shared values.

Performance Whakamanawatanga – We inspire confidence by delivering conservation outcomes that benefit New Zealanders

Collaboration Whakakotahitanga – We achieve success through relationships based on mutual respect and benefit

Innovation Awahatanga – We find new solutions by building knowledge and sharing expertise, pushing boundaries, and taking calculated risks

Trust Whakawhitinakitanga – We work as one integrated organisation that is reliable and relevant

Guardianship Kaitiakitanga – We create opportunities, and take care of natural and historic heritage for the well-being and prosperity of all New Zealanders