2014 media releases

Great white butterfly numbers knocked down

Date:  12 December 2014
The great white butterfly population in Nelson Tasman has been knocked down to a very low level but efforts continue to fully eradicate the pest, says the Department of Conservation.

Whales moved to Farewell Spit Nature Reserve

Date:  25 November 2014
The Department of Conservation says that three sperm whales that stranded at Rototai are being moved to Farewell Spit Nature Reserve today.

Fur seal just relaxing by the recreation centre

Date:  17 November 2014
A young male New Zealand fur seal seen near the Motueka Recreation Centre is healthy and just relaxing in the area.

Kahurangi Battle for our Birds aerial pest control completed

Date:  10 November 2014
The Department of Conservation has completed its Battle for our Birds aerial predator control work over about 257,000 hectares of Kahurangi National Park - the largest in one area it has ever carried out.

Rats steeply rise in Kahurangi National Park

Date:  03 September 2014
Department of Conservation monitoring has confirmed rat numbers are building to extremely high levels in many parts of Kahurangi National Park posing a major threat to native wildlife.

1080 operation in Abel Tasman National Park

Date:  26 August 2014
The Department of Conservation and Project Janszoon completed an aerial application of 1080 pesticide in the Abel Tasman National Park on 22 August.

Pest butterfly eradication team winning but needs your help

Date:  13 August 2014
The Department of Conservation says it has driven Nelson Tasman’s pest great white butterfly population into a state of decline but it needs the public’s help to drive it to extinction.

Aerial pest control and ‘nest egg’ programme boost whio population

Date:  28 July 2014
A study of whio/blue duck in eastern Kahurangi National Park has shown the benefits of rearing ducklings in wildlife facilities. The study has also shown that aerial 1080 pest control has helped to increase whio numbers in the wild.

Kahurangi pest control to protect native species

Date:  15 July 2014
The Department of Conservation is planning aerial pest control over a large area of Kahurangi National Park this spring to protect native species from predator plagues that could decimate their populations.

'Battle for our Birds' gets go ahead

Date:  13 July 2014
Source:  Office of the Minister of Conservation
New Zealand's largest-ever pest control programme has been given the go ahead to protect native wildlife like kiwi from a confirmed plague of rats and stoats, Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith announced today in Maruia.

Living with the inquisitive kea

Date:  18 June 2014
An opportunity to learn all about the inquisitive kea and how to live together without conflict is coming to Motueka on Tuesday 24 June.

First kākāriki released into Abel Tasman National Park

Date:  07 May 2014
Twelve kākāriki or yellow-crowned parakeet released into the Abel Tasman National Park today are the first captive raised kākāriki to ever be released onto the New Zealand mainland.

Heaphy Track to fully reopen on Monday

Date:  02 May 2014
Mountain bikers can start riding the Heaphy Track from Monday 5 May when the track will reopen following the clearance of fallen trees and other storm damage.

Damage to Heaphy and Copland Tracks - Update

Date:  30 April 2014
Department of Conservation (DOC) staff are working to clear trees and slips on storm-damaged tracks including the Heaphy and Copland.

Call to plant cover crops that don't attract pest butterflies

Date:  03 April 2014
The Department of Conservation is asking Nelson gardeners to consider planting cover crops that don’t attract the great white butterfly to their garden.

Community snorkelling days on again at Tasman Bay marine reserves

Date:  26 February 2014
The opportunity to put on a snorkel and find out what’s under the water near the Tasman Bay marine reserves is happening again this year as part of Seaweek.

A dog’s breakfast in Motueka

Date:  25 February 2014
Motueka dog owners are being invited to a free breakfast while taking their dogs for a walk on the Motueka foreshore, at the first ‘Dog’s Breakfast’ to be held in New Zealand.

Hope lost for stranded whales on Farewell Spit

Date:  16 January 2014
The Department of Conservation says eight pilot whales it has spent two days trying to get safely back out to sea have been found stranded again on Farewell Spit this morning, a ninth whale with them and all in poor condition.

Largest private stoat trapping network nears completion

Date:  15 January 2014
Source:  Project Janszoon
The largest stoat trapping network undertaken by a private trust in New Zealand is about to be completed, enabling the reintroduction of birds like pateke and kakariki back to the Abel Tasman National Park.

Whales stranded in Golden Bay

Date:  14 January 2014
Media releases and updates about the whale stranding in Golden Bay.

New research confirms benefits of marine reserves

Date:  08 January 2014
Significant increases in the abundance and size of marine species in Tasman Bay marine reserves confirm their conservation benefits, Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith said today while publicly releasing a new research report at the Horoirangi Marine Reserve.