Moutohorā (Whale Island) research strategy


March 2012

This strategy outlines the process for research proposal applications, approvals and permitting for external researchers interested in pursuing research on Moutohorā (Whale Island) Wildlife Management Reserve.


Research on or about Moutohorā (Whale Island) Wildlife Management Reserve is encouraged, especially on key aspects of conservation that would benefit management operations for the island, surrounding waters and its biota.

As the island has reserve status, all research requires a Department of Conservation research permit.

The purpose of this research strategy is to provide a specific guide to external researchers interested in study on Moutohorā.

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Publication information

Author: B.R. Christensen

Published by East Coast Bay of Plenty Conservancy, Department of Conservation

Technical report series 5

ISBN (Print): 978-0-478-14946-3
ISBN (Web PDF): 978-0-478-14947-0


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